Ultralight Portable Self-Inflating Mattress With Pillow

Want to travel light? Hike, camp, or head to the beach with this Ultralight Portable Self-Inflating Mattress. Head out on your next adventure with confidence knowing you will experience a comfortable nights sleep and be well-rested for the following day's activities.
  • Moisture-Proof 
  • Built-In Inflatable Pump
  • Built-In Pillow
  • Self-Inflates
  • Colors: Purple, Blue, Orange
  • Suitable For All Four Seasons
  • Suitable For 1 Person
  • Packing Size: 24cm x 10cm
  • Full Inflation Size: 185cm x 54cm x 3cm
  • Net Weight: 450grams (1lb)
  • Material: 80% 20D Nylon + 20% TPU+PAT

Small and light-weight, this mattress is much more compact than traditional self-inflating camping mats. Much lighter than other products, weighing in at just 450grams (1lb), yet strong and durable holding weight up to 95kg (210lbs). As small as a water bottle, hold in your hand or store in your daypack. 

Made with a double-layer composite leather bonding technology to enhance comfort and compression resistance. A double layer PAT material valve allows for easier air intake and no leakage during use as well as rapid inflating and deflating.

Enjoy a comfortable sleeping during your journey as this camping mattress offers enough cushion and padding for side sleepers, back sleepers, or stomach sleepers.

This outdoor sleeping mat is waterproof, durable, and wear-resistant. Ideal for family camping, hiking, backpacking, self-drive tour, a day at the beach, or car travel.