Corporate Responsibility - Caring for our Environment

As outdoor enthusiasts, nature lovers and the seller of camping gear and accessories, Summit-Style is committed to causes devoted to protecting our environment. We have pledged to donate 5% of all our corporate profits to environmental causes. So whenever you buy from us, a small portion of your money goes to taking care of mother earth!

Causes we have donated to:

The Mountain Fund: Over the past few years, Mount Everest has earned the dubious distinction of being the world's Highest Garbage Dump. The Mountain Fund aims to "create healthy, vibrant mountain communities where people have access to healthcare, education and economic opportunity in an environment where human rights are valued and respected". 

Amongst other projects, it is supporting funding for a bio-digestor at base of Mount Everest to convert human waste into methane gas and avoid pathogens contaminating local water supplies.

Polar Bears International - dedicated to conserving polar bears in the wild and limiting the impact of global warming on their habitat.

Is there an environmental cause that you are passionate about? Tell us why by emailing us at and we would love to get involved.