Outdoor Survival Sleeping Bag
Outdoor Survival Sleeping Bag
Outdoor Survival Sleeping Bag

Outdoor Survival Sleeping Bag

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 Always be prepared with this lightweight (only 120 grams!) and versatile emergency sleeping bag. When you venture into the backcountry, you know how important preparation is. This multi-use sleeping bag will keep you warm and dry, should you ever get caught out in nature. It’s great for use as an emergency sleeping bag, weather shield or shelter. The generous size of the bag means it makes a good shelter, ground tarp, windbreak, emergency blanket or flysheet. Never get caught out in the cold.

  1. Waterproof and windproof. Protect yourself from the elements in any weather. In an emergency, staying warm and dry can be critical to your survival. This bivvy bag will keep the weather off you and help you maintain body heat.

  2. High visibility orange colour signals rescuers. If you have an outdoor emergency, make it easier for rescuers to find you. High visibility orange is easier to spot and could get you found and back to safety, faster.

  3. The reflective interior reflects 90% of body heat. Maintaining body heat is critical in an emergency. With a reflective interior, your body heat reflects back at you, helping maintain your temperature. If you’re using it as a bivvy bag, you’ll be comfortable sleeping on cooler nights.

  4. Stands up to various uses. Made of ultra-durable 26 UM thickness material, the bag can withstand many uses. Great for a lightweight bivvy bag, or to use as a flysheet if you don’t want to carry the weight of a tent.

  5. Tear and puncture-resistant coating. You don’t always get to choose where to make camp. With its special coating, the bag resists puncture in rough terrain. Rocks, sticks and sharp corners are no match for it.


  1. Keep out the snow, wind, and rain. Protect yourself from all types of weather. Nothing is worse than waking up soaking wet and cold. Won’t happen with this bag!

  2. Small folded size packs well. At only 117g, the bag will add very little to your pack weight. Rolled up, the bag fits into a case that measures 7 cm by 10.5 cm. That’s smaller than most peoples’ hands.



  1. Generous proportions fit most people: Measuring 210 cm by 90 cm, the bag will fit most adults. It’s also a great size for using as a ground tarp or flysheet.



Type: Emergency Blankets
Material: mylar
Color: Orange,Green, camouflage green
Orange Size: Opened up dimensions are 210cm x 90cm( 82 x 36in )
Camouflage Size: Opened up dimensions are 200cm x 120cm( 79 x 47in )
Green Size: Opened up dimensions are 200cm x 120cm( 79 x 47in )
weight: 120g/0.265lbs
Usage: Camping, camping, hiking,  travel, disaster relief, outdoor survival