How to choose your adventure snacks

Even though trail mix would probably be everyone's number one pick when it comes to adventure snacks, there are lots of other high-energy snacks that will help you get where you're going and provide you with essential nutrients that may be lost during your hike.

Ok but which types of snacks are right for me?
That's a very good question! There are a few things to consider when preparing your snacks for your next adventure.

1. How strenuous is going to be your adventure?
The harder your body has to work, the more nutrients it loses. Energy bars are a great choice because they have an optimum balance of essential nutrients!

2. How long is your adventure going to be?
If your adventure is going to be long and you won't have time to take breaks, a great addition to the energy bars would be sports drinks! Water of course is the best option but when you're doing an activity, you want to make sure you're good on electrolytes. Especially when it's hot out!

3. How important is the convenience?
Personally, when I go hiking, I do not want to bring anything that's too heavy and it takes a lot of space but that's just me. When we talk about convenience, here are a few things to think about:

      - Are you concerned about weight or space?
      - Are you going to have time to take breaks?
      - Are you just looking for a quick refuel or are you trying to replenish your body  after the adventure is completed?

Whatever snacks you choose, make sure it has the following:

Protein is great for helping your body rebuild tissues and recover after an activity.
Sodium and Potassium also known as electrolytes are essential in metabolizing carbohydrates for the proper functioning of muscles and to help keep you hydrated.
Vitamins and Minerals get naturally burned by our bodies during an activity, so the more your snacks offer, the better. Usually, a great source of vitamins and minerals would be the energy bars.