The Best Hammock Hanging Kit Tips for Indoor Hammock Users

The Best Hammock Hanging Kit Tips for Indoor Hammock Users

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A high-quality hammock hanging kit is known to improve your lounging experience by tenfold. It’s a fact!

Yes, I know that you might be wondering why is that so. And I also know that you have already shrugged off the aforementioned fact with a "meh" expression. Don't worry. If it takes a bit of convincing to set up your very first indoor hammock through an assortment of hammock hanging kits, you got it, buddy!

Well, as it turns out, this post highlights the efficacy of using hammock hanging kits to take your camping adventures to the next level. After all, it is an exhausting activity.

And, if you are a true adventurist, your camping rituals demand intermittent rest every once in a while since we all buck and toil, at some point, under constant movement from one place to another.

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In that sense, setting up a hammock should be a rewarding experience. I know, some campers do a half-assed effort to just install a hammock and “get done with it.” However, as it seems, a poorly set up hammock – and that too, without proper hammock hanging kit can give into your bodyweight and slouch to ground level.

Such situations attribute to a lack of experience on campers’ part. But, this post will help you to not only select the right hammock hanging kit but also enable you to use it for your indoor and outdoor leisure.

Hammock Hanging Kit Basics for Indoor Hammocking:

An indoor hammock is just like any other ordinary outdoor hammock.

Usually, the difference is in size and extra hammock hanging kit accessories; such as overhead canopies, mosquito nets for hammocks, and vice versa. These are the kind of items that you normally don’t need to use when setting up a hammock in your backyard.

Therefore, if you bought a mosquito net as part of your indoor hammock hanging kit, you are better off without it for the time being. The setup needs to be simple and easy so that you spend less time on installing the hammock, and more on contemplating having the right cocktail flavors while you’re “hanging” in there.

·   Anchor Systems for Hammocks:

Anchors are your key points; they work like studs or joists for you to install your hammocks’ straps.

But, while doing so, bear in mind that nailing down steel stakes in your beloved freshly painted walls is not a good idea. You will end up damaging the plaster quite easily – hence giving way to ugly gaping holes in your room.

Also, the load from your hammock, which comes in the form of your bodyweight, exerts pressure on the stakes. This causes the walls to have scrape marks and usually leads to paint damage too.

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Summit Style Easy Hang Premium Hammock Straps


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So, what’s the best way of setting up hammock hanging kit anchors for indoor use?

As it turns out, many indoor hammock hanging kits include small eye bolts. They are the miniature version of your outdoor hammock anchors that go into tree trunks. You need to attach the eye bolt to a high-quality board and then screw that board into multiple studs to distribute your body weight.

Speaking of the kits, you will need one of the following to get started:

·         ENO Hammock Hanging Kit

·         Multi-Bolt Hanging Kit

·         MinorSwing Co. Wall Anchor Hammock Kit for Walls

·         Eye Screws – Also known as Bolts for Hammocks

·         DIY Climbing Hammock Anchors

There are also Mayan Hammock Round kits for hanging, but they are not highly suggested by me. It’s more of a preference actually. I like ENO and Summit-Style Hammock Hanging kits over conventional brands.

·  Hammock Chains:

The next item on the hammock hanging kit list is a good ol’ hammock chain. Well, you will need “chains” to get started, but pardon me for not using the plural right now.

Anyhow, a hammock chain is best used with a high-quality hammock hanging bolt and an S-hook. The latter are “S” shaped hooks that help to keep the chain hanging tight and secure in place.

Let’s say, if your room dimensions are 10 by 10 Ft, you will need short segmented hammock chains to suspend your hammock between two anchor points. Segmented chains can be easily disassembled to a shorter length to adjust to a room’s dimensions. Don’t worry, you can add the links back again to restore the chain to its original size later.

·  Hammocks With Loops:

Usually, they are called “end loops for hammocks” in common camper’s lingo.

The reason you’d want to use them over hammock chains is, once again, a matter of choice. Some people do not like the idea of using chains in their room because it somehow elicits that unwanted creepy dungeon look.

End loops for hammocks come as a sturdy alternative to hammock hanging kit chains since the former is made of high-grade straps or a Bungie cord. If your indoor hammock came with pre-installed end loop points, you can use the S hook, which I mentioned a little earlier in this post, and get away with installing your hammock nice and easy right away.

All you need in this case is a carabiner to loop around your wall anchors or chain links, and everything’s hunky-dory.

What If I Don’t Have a Hammock, to Begin With?

Oh boy! This is going to be a pickle to deal with. Read on…

Although a hammock is the main thing that you need, besides having a convenient hammock hanging kit at your disposal, there’s a fat chance that you may not have enough budget to buy the hammock.

Some indoor campers prefer buying hammock accessories online because they like to make a hammock while going to the DIY course. On that note, creating a hammock is not rocket science. If I were you, I’d use a tablecloth, some homemade hammock straps from old ropes, and a hammock underquilt to begin with.

My advice to you, in case you are invested in making your own hammock, with just enough budget on the side for a decent hammock hanging kit, is to buy eye bolts, wall studs, and a cheap sleeping bag. The bag comes in handy during the winter season because it can help to keep the temperature at a steady point.

Furthermore, you will need to keep your hammock hang point really high because homemade hammocks are known to slouch over time. The reason being the low-quality ropes, the hammock fabric itself, and those straps that are probably made from leftover cloth from a couple of years ago.

Regardless of the homemade items that you will end up using for your DIY hammock, I can guarantee that it’ll be a remarkable experience. The level of comfort is next to nothing when compared with your traditional sleeping mattress.

If you are thinking about taking it to the next level, you can set up your hammock in the backyard. The night sky with those shimmering stars looks bedazzling, to say the least. And, it’s pretty much exciting when the idea of sleeping under the open sky comes to mind.

It’ll be the most comfortable sleep you’ve ever had in your life before.

Is It Okay to Use a Double Hammock In Your Apartment, Instead of a Traditional Mattress for Couples?

By all means, yes, it is okay to use a hammock in your living room or apartment for that matter.

As a matter of fact, we usually get such questions over Summit Style email where people are considering buying a hammock for the sheer love of setting it up inside their house, dorm rooms, and apartment complexes.

What you DON’T want to do is use a double hammock instead of 2x single hammocks. A double hammock is difficult to set up in a room as it requires more space and area. This creates mobility issues for couples who are looking to sleep on the hammock at the same time.

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Instead, you could use 2 single hammocks and set them side by side at a distance. Also, if it’s a rental apartment, or a room(duh, of course, it is), then you shouldn’t be drilling holes in the walls. Simply buy a portable hammock stand because it is easier to install the hammock that way without damaging property.

And most important of all: Please ask your landlord for his permission. Most likely he/ she will say No, but you could probably convince him/her one way or another.

An upfront disclosure is nice because if you end up drilling holes in the rental space walls, it will definitely piss off your landlord, or landlady for that matter.

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