Looking to Buy a Hiking Hammock? Here's What Experts Suggest

Looking to Buy a Hiking Hammock? Here's What Experts Suggest

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What kind of hammock comes to your mind when there’s a mention of a hiking hammock?

I’d hazard an image of a scruffy dude with a bunch of hiking accessories rolled up like a joint behind his back. Somewhere there’s a hammock in there that he’s going to be sleeping in throughout those unknown ventures.

On the contrary, pitch me hiking hammock ideas and I always imagine backcountry ballers rolling in full swag. The question is, what’s a backcountry baller, and why is it relevant to you?

So, a hiking hammock to a backcountry baller is like oil is to water. A baller is a fella who loves the idea of hanging around a pristine alpine lake, with a high-quality backpack hammock and maybe some chocolate-covered toffee. Add a few drags of whiskey to it, if you are really looking to take the comfort factor to the next level.

However, to achieve that level of comfort, you’re going to need a few hiking hammock recommendations that usually don’t come easy these days.

Most of the camping accessories websites that I have visited these days, only have a bunch of products with nothing much to talk about. The description barely highlights what a hammock does, or the type of hammock itself is. Add to the list, a couple of bizarre “key hiking hammock product” features, and you have to decide then and there whether you want to buy the product or not.

This was all the more reason for folks at Summit Style to craft a special write-up that would recommend only the highest quality hiking hammocks.

Take a looksie below and see what we have come up with.


Already in a Hurry? Here are the Best Day Use Hiking Hammocks In 2021

·       Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock – Best Hiking Hammock for Budget-Conscious Fellas

·       ENO Sub5 and ENO Sub6 Series

·       ENO DoubleNest Hiking Hammock – Best for Couples on a Camping Trip

·    Hummingbird Single Camper Hammock – Best for ‘Forever Alone’ Real-life Memes and General Camping Purpose

·   Kammok Roo Series Double Hammock – Ideal for Couples Looking to Buy a Budget Hiking Hammock

The hammocks highlighted above are meant for daytime use mostly. You will not get a lot of insulation, or cold temperature resistance if you are looking to use any of the above hiking hammocks for nighttime lounging.

Therefore, plan your trip accordingly. Should you be looking to spend a few extra nights at high altitude camping sites, we recommend the following hiking hammock product lineup. Take your pick and combine it with a high-quality hammock underquilt, and a hammock sleeping bag for maximum comfort.

Our Picks of the Day – Night-Time Backpacking Hiking Hammocks for High Altitude Campsites

·         Hennessy Hammock – Ultralight Explorer Asym Series

·         Warbonnet Blackbird Backpacking Hiking Hammock

·         Skeeter Beeter Pro by Grand Tunk Hammock Co.

·         Jacks ‘R’ Better Bear Mountain Bridge Hammock

The above hammocks are perfect for nighttime sleeping. They’ll make you fall in love with sleeping under the open star with nothing but a beautiful night sky to stare at. Plus, you won’t be feeling any cold or chills while you’re at it. Come morning, and you will wake up, feeling like a million bucks.

5 Best Hiking Hammock Reviews for Campers In 2021

Let’s take a look at some of the best hammocks that hikers and backpackers love to stroll with.

1.       HummingBird Single Hiking Hammock:

As the name insinuates, this hammock is meant for single-person use only. It’s light, it’s portable and it comes with a sense of multipurpose use that many other hammocks aren’t capable of offering.

Weight-wise, you’re looking at a handy dandy 5 Oz. limit. That’s more like a feather, where it also leaves ample room for other camping supplies for you to squeeze in that backpack.

HummingBird ultralight single hammock boasts of bodyweight carrying capacity up to 300 Lbs. easily. All of their models have a guaranteed high-level build quality. Thanks to an FAA-certified parachute rigger and overall light materials, this hammock is comfortable and has a long-term shelf life.

You will also need hammock tree straps as a backup. If you don’t have any particular model in mind, you should go for HummingBird series ultralight hammock straps. The fact that these straps are compatible by default with many of the hammocks in the HummingBird product lineup, makes it easier for backpackers to rely on a durable product.

Summit Style Easy Hang Premium Hammock Straps

Summit Style Easy Hang Premium Hammock Straps


These Hammock Straps are AMAZING! Hanging your hammock has never been so easy! Now you can hang your hammock perfectly in a matter of seconds no matter the distance between trees! 2 Straps Included Per Package 2 Straps Weigh Only 11 oz....Read More

Alternatively, you can also buy Summit Style hammock straps. They are comparatively cheaper and have the same level of quality as HummingBird’s. Give it a shot and let us know how it turned out for you.

2.       Grand Trunk Nano 7 Hiking Hammock:

The next one on the list of portable hiking hammocks is Grand Trunk’s Nano 7. Compared to HummingBird ultralight hammock, this model weighs in at approx. 6 Oz. Still, it’s not a lot of weight when compared to a hammock with stands and other sleeping products that lean a little bit on the heavier side.

Grand Trunk Nano 7 hammock has a single-person carrying capacity of 300 Lbs. It features bent wire carabiners for easy installation and guarantees limitless comfortability without any hitches.

Unfortunately, Grand Trunk has not included any hammock tree straps with this model. However, you can either buy Summit Style’s Hammock Tree straps, or any other straps from our website’s Bestsellers section. They all work fine and have a wide range of compatibility with both branded and non-branded hammocks.


3.       ENO’s Sub6 Series Hiking & Backpacking Hammock:

This one comes with a weight profile of 6.5 Oz and has a carrying capacity of up to 300 Lbs.

ENO claims that the Sub6 is an insanely comfortable and lightweight product, which makes it a go-to companion to backpackers, hitchhikers, and the occasional drab of daytime campers. Overall, it’s a fantastic product with price leaning at the lower end.

Oh, and don’t forget to buy hammock tree straps. ENO also didn’t include straps with Sub6. They wanted to keep the price at an all-time low, in order to scale affordability. If you are looking for hammock straps, be sure to check out our Bestsellers section.

While you are at it, go ahead and invest a little extra in the overhead canopy, hammock underquilt, and a hammock mosquito net. They will come in handy at one point or another.


4.       Grand Trunk Ultralight Series Backpacker Hammock:

Once again, it’s Grand Trunk hammock with a fantastic combination of affordability, comfort, and durability altogether.

This is a cheap product with uncompromising quality for single-person use only. Grand Trunk Ultralight easily supports bodyweight carrying capacity up to 200 Lbs. If you weigh more than that, or you are looking to lounge in this hammock as a couple, don’t buy it. The extra weight will easily cause tears and gashes at the ends.

You can also go for additional hammock tree straps or a nice combination of carabiners and hammock stakes. Overall, it’s a marvelous product with hard to beat the price that doesn’t come easy in the online camping accessories market these days.


Summit Style 3 in 1 Nature Mosquito Net Hammock with Canopy

Summit Style 3 in 1 Nature Mosquito Net Hammock with Canopy


Our 3 in 1 hammock is an ideal companion for hikers and campers. Hardly bigger than the size of a magazine when packed, this hammock is a must-have accessory for you hiking and camping trips. Set up in minutes, the...Read More

5.       ENO’s DoubleNest Hiking Hammock:

Of course, camping isn’t fun if you are doing it solo. Sometimes, it’s good to take your partner with you.

That’s where ENO DoubleNest hiking comes in. It’s light as a feather with very compact package size. At 19 Oz. you can curl this beauty up in your backpack, alongside other important camping accessories.

This hammock easily supports body weight carrying capacity up to 400 Lbs. You and your partner can easily doze off to sleep within ENO’s spacious embrace. If we talk about its build quality, ENO used high-quality polyester fabric and showcases some beautiful color combinations to choose from.

Normally, it’s a preferred choice among backpackers who are looking to camp with their significant other on endless hiking trips throughout the north pole.

Of course, there are no straps with this hammock. You’re going to have to prowl for a decent pair of hammock tree straps online. We recommend Summit Style’s very own hammock straps. But, you can also sift through ENO’s official website to look for compatible add-on accessories.

In the end, do not spend a fortune on hammocks. They are meant to be bought as a product within your budget range.

Should you have any questions, feel free to send us an email. We’d love to recommend the right type of hiking hammock to you.

Good luck, and don’t forget to have fun out there.

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