Hammock Sleeping Bag Guide for Backcountry Ballers In 2021

Hammock Sleeping Bag Guide for Backcountry Ballers In 2021

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A backcountry baller is a camper on the move – with nothing by his side, but a high-quality hammock sleeping bag to roll in a bunch of edibles, and a whole lot of memories to share.

Besides, camping is the kind of hobby that holds a different meaning for everyone involved in it. Some people are casual campers, while others are enthusiasts who spend a lot of their time on the road.

Having said that, you do need a bunch of reliable camping accessories to count on. After all, a man’s gotta sleep at one point. If you are not well prepared in advance to weather the climatic conditions, you may end up freezing to death at some point.

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But don’t worry, we are here to guide you through the proper etiquette of not only camping but a whole bunch of other things.

To being real, we recommend buying a reliable hammock sleeping bag. It’s extra important to have one, besides owning a high-quality hammock. Why so? For nighttime camping, the atmosphere can get immensely cold without prior warning.

Having a hammock with top quilt and under quilt is a good thing, but the cold can still seep through – leaving you chattering throughout the remainder of the night. A large number of sleep systems for campers come with different options ranging from hammock sleeping bag(s).

General Hammock Sleeping Bag Buying & Sleeping Tips for Beginner Level Campers

Here are a bunch of handy tips that have been proven for their efficacy for campers from all walks of life. Take a look below and thank us later.


1.       Hammock Sleeping Bag in Pad Form:

Simply put, these products are also called hammock sleeping pads. They are inflatable mattresses that can be spread inside the hammock. Some people use hammock sleeping pads with a pump since it’s pretty cumbersome to blow air in them. On that note, you are better off with an auto inflatable pad that sucks in the air as soon as the function is executed.

Now, the important thing is that these hammock sleeping bag pads are best used for general purposes. If you are a hardcore winter season camper, you already know by now that inflatable sleeping pads do not insulate the hammock. At best, you will feel a tiny level of warmth and comfort, as opposed to a dedicated hammock sleeping bag.

On the plus side, these pads are self-inflatable and portable. When not in use, the sleeping pad can be rolled up and stored inside your backpack. Other than that, if you are looking to go camping in the Summer season, or in the middle of any other seasons EXCEPT For Winters, these pads will live to serve their purpose well.

2.       Insulated Hammocks:

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Insulate hammocks come with a sturdy fabric quality that doesn’t let the chill factor creep in.

For the best experience, campers use a hammock sleeping bag, an underquilt, and a top quilt. Since all of these accessories tend to compliment the comfort level, you should go ahead and buy a bunch of these products – just to be on the safe side.

Also, as far as any hammock sleeping bag is concerned, it has a special rating that highlights temperature resistance. Some bags are relatively expensive, not only due to their build quality but also due to temperature rating. These bags have an integrated fabric that adds a protective layer against the outside cold.


3.       Steep Learning Curve


From a general point of view, sleeping in a hammock sleeping bag does require a bit of getting used to.

Especially, if you are claustrophobic, do not make the mistake of buying a mummy hammock sleeping bag. Although these bags guarantee comfort and protection against cold, they have a very restricted flow. The person literally looks like a mummy with just his face showing up. The rest of the body is tucked well within the mummy-shaped confines of the bag.

Our best advice is to buy a hammock sleeping bag with some kind of double-sided zipper. This way, it’s easier to close the bag from the inside when you are lying in it. Besides the convenience factor that comes with the zipper, the bag itself can be reopened and closed to a desirable position that makes breathing and sleeping easier for you.

4.       Beware of These Buying Mistakes for Hammock Sleeping Bags:

As stated earlier, not all bags are made the same way. For a general-purpose hammock sleeping bag, it could have any shape, size, and form – as it depends on your personal preference.

Regardless of which options you go for: never compromise on the following aspects of a high-quality hammock sleeping bag:

a.       Warmth: Look for temperature rating on the bag’s packaging. If you don’t understand it, ask your fellow shoppers or the shopkeeper. They’ll fill you in on all the details.

b.       Shape Factor: Hammock sleeping bags are available in different shapes. Some of them are flat, while others are rectangular or in a mummy sarcophagus shape.

c.       Insulation: Many hammock sleeping bag manufacturers make it a point to highlight the bag’s down fill vs. synthetic insulation properties. Down fill means how much warm air the bag is able to retain alongside its lower lining.

5.       Cuddle Buddies Can Be a Hassle:

If you are camping with someone else – let’s say your girlfriend, or boyfriend, make sure that your hammock sleeping bag has enough space.

While the idea of a cuddle buddy sleeping with you is favored in all forms of culture, the situation might be different than you expected. What if the bag isn’t wide enough for two people? There’s also the possibility of the bag tearing at the seams, or both of you restricted to sleeping in one position for the rest of the night.

In that sense, make sure that your bag has zippers on both sides. It makes it easier for your “cuddle buddy” to sneak out whenever he/she needs to go and use the portable camping toilet outside. Many hammock sleeping bags come with zippers facing the left and the right side. This way, both of the sleeping partners can move around or get out of the bag without causing any disturbance.

6.       Hammock Sleeping Bag Accessories:

Accessories for hammock sleeping bag owners can take comfort to an entirely different level.

The most basic, and often ignored accessory is a simple pillow. If you are not invested in buying a separate camping pillow, then consider taking your regular mattress pillow with you. Sleeping on flat surfaces is hard – and having to do that without a pillow makes it harder to fall asleep.

Some campers do sleep without a hammock pillow, but they are used to sleeping that way. Given enough time, and camping trips, you will eventually “develop” that skill. However, it’s not worth it in most cases.

There you have it, some of the best tips to buying a hammock sleeping bag on the internet. Make sure that you improvise as per your camping situation.

If you feel that we missed something, don’t forget to highlight it in the comments section below.

Adios Amigos and stay safe out there!

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