A Jeep Roof Top Tent Might be Better Than Hammocks. Here’s Why…

A Jeep Roof Top Tent Might be Better Than Hammocks. Here’s Why…

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At Summit Style, we usually advocate for hammocks because after all, it’s what we do. But then again, using an alternative product to outdoor hammocks, such as; a jeep rooftop tent, isn’t such a bad idea.

How so? Read on…

Hammocks don’t always cut it. As much as we want to have a good ol’ stretch in a traditional swinging hammock, sometimes it’s not possible to do so. The weather may not be perfect, your campsite might be exposed to wildlife, or maybe you forgot to bring a hammock mosquito net and the situation calls for sleeping in a jeep rooftop tent instead.

The possibilities are endless.

Pros of Using a Jeep Rooftop Tent over Traditional Hammocks:

Besides, mentioning that there are softshell and hardshell jeep rooftop tents to choose from, you get plenty of benefits – should you ever decided to camp in one of these bad boys. These tents, just like camping hammocks, are rugged, sturdy, and comfy enough to not only keep you protected from bugs, but also alleviate your lounging experience to the next level.

Let’s take a look at some of the main advantages of using jeep rooftop tents.

· Protection from Safety Hazards:

Opposed to hammocks, jeep rooftop tents are installed a little higher since you set them up at top of the vehicle’s roof. This gives you added protection against unusual wildlife intrusions alluded to crocodiles, snakes, wolves, etc.

Bears can still get to you if they are really committed. However, a hardshell jeep rooftop tents does add a minor degree of protection, as opposed to an open sleeping bag hammock. Rest assured, there have been very small number of cases where bears directly attacked campers.

Usually, these furry beasts go for your food storage or other edible items.

· Keep the Insects Away:

Yes, that’s another benefit of having jeep rooftop tents, as they tend to keep the insects outside easily.

We are talking about big insects, such as scorpions, bugs and centipedes that can easily crawl through your insulated hammock otherwise.

Summit Style 3 in 1 Nature Mosquito Net Hammock with Canopy

Summit Style 3 in 1 Nature Mosquito Net Hammock with Canopy


Our 3 in 1 hammock is an ideal companion for hikers and campers. Hardly bigger than the size of a magazine when packed, this hammock is a must-have accessory for you hiking and camping trips. Set up in minutes, the...Read More

· Long Lasting Durability:

Add comfort to it, as well, because most of the durable jeep rooftop tents also tend to be comfortable. But, then again, it depends on the quality of the rooftop tent.

Usually, pricier tents come with a high-quality combination of an aluminum support structure and waterproof, UV / mold resistant fabric. These tents are also weather resistant and don’t lose their beautiful colors easily due to long exposure to sunlight etc.

However, you still need to do a little bit of upkeep and maintenance if you are looking to get the most out the jeep rooftop tent’s shelf life.

· Multi-Level Portability:

Compared to camping hammocks online, jeep rooftop tents take portability to an entirely different level. Think big; think expanded possibilities towards mobility, expandability and very easy set up options over any number of 4 WDs.

Expandability-wise, traditional jeep rooftop tents give access to additional annexes that you can further attach to your little camp for additional space. Ideally, if you are looking to expand your jeep rooftop tents, you should buy a base version of a hardshell tent and then add other stuff, such as a shade, extended canopies or a small mobile room with an easy opening.

Likewise, when we talk about set up options, a normal jeep rooftop tents only takes one person and just about a few minutes to open and install the jeep rooftop tents. Some people attach stands that go around the tires to ensure that the overhead tent doesn’t rock and sway to the gust of winds etc.

Lastly, these tents do not hinder mobility in any way. They are easy to break-down since the scaffolding is foldable alongside the portable mattress inside. Whenever you need to move, just disassemble the structure and pack it up. The concept applies to all sorts of jeep rooftop tents, such as; trailer tents, RV tents, travel tents for cars – so on and so forth.

The Best Jeep Rooftop Tents in 2021 to Use:

What good is a bit of advice if it isn’t highlighted with specific examples? We have handpicked some of the best models, specifically to be used with Jeeps, Range Rovers, and other 4 WD vehicles. It is up to you choose and buy a tent from the appended products, or look for some other handy alternative in the Summit Style Bestsellers Corner.

Nonetheless, you’re going to end up with a remarkable portable tent at the end of the day.

· SmittyBilt’s Overlander Roof Top Jeep Tent

If you own a Wrangler series jeep, this overhead roof top tent is going to be the perfect fit.

If you don’t have any specific model of Wrangler, don’t worry, the tent comes with a wide range of compatibility. Starting at a little over $1000, this jeep roof top tent boasts of a badass aluminum build, alongside weather-resistant mesh that goes a long way towards extended shelf life.

The tent also has a built-in LED, charging dock, rainfly, travel bag, and other perks to make up for the price tag.

In case you might be wondering about the high ticket price, this item is obviously more of an investment when seen from a hardcore camping enthusiast’s perspective. Also, it’s not a hammock, which alludes to the fact that jeep overhead tents are slightly more expensive.

Build-wise, you are looking at a 600D series ripstop polyester fabric, a sunroof, and a dedicated access door. There also side windows in this tent to give you a good overview of the surrounding campsite, in case you’re ever looking to pass time while staring at whatever goodness that nature has to offer.

Overlander Smittybilt jeep roof top tent has a 3 people capacity and has a spacious lounging area with built-in mattress for added comfort.

There is also a cigarette lightning dock and some other added features that make this tent a worthy investment for anyone looking to buy a sturdy product from long term use perspective.

For a great night's sleep and solid fit, we recommend having a Willy JK, Wrangler or Rubicon series vehicles at your disposal.

What If you Don’t have a Jeep or Enough Budget to Buy a Jeep Roof top Tent?

Don’t sweat it.

Since these camps are normally at the higher end of price tags, you can get away with a substitute product. How does a jeep roadside hammock stand sound?

ENO recently released a Roadie Hammock Stand that is not only easy to install, but it’s super cheap at the moment. The stands go under the tires to prevent the hammock from swaying back n’ forth.

The idea behind this product was to offer a mobile camping experience to offroaders who usually make stops at different camp sites. For instance, there’s a high chance that you wont be finding any nearby trees at either side of the road. In such cases, you can just pull out the ENO roadside hammock stand and install your hammock without wasting precious time.

The product offers the most comfortable sleep, right where you have parked your car. In that sense, it’s also not necessary to buy a Jeep or a high-end 4WD, since the hammock itself just requires for the stands to be slid under the tires.

Although the idea of stretching a good ol’ hammock between two trees is more than perfect. There are times when campsites have to be set up at odd places. If you have already bought a high quality jeep rooftop tent, we recommend spending a little extra on ENO roadside camping hammock stand to have a backup product to fall back on.

ENO’s Roadie hammock stand also got a ‘Best In Show’ award for bringing an innovative concept to board. It’s a tried and tested product among off road enthusiasts who can’t get enough of camping on the go.

Overall, it’s easy to set up this bad boy. The stands are placed in front of your tires. Make sure that the footing area is at the front of all 4 tires to hold the hammock in one place. Use Atlas series straps or ENO hammock straps to attach your hammock with the help of carabiners and plop right in. That’s all it takes to set this thing up.

Multi Purpose Waterproof Portable Canopy

Multi Purpose Waterproof Portable Canopy


The multi-purpose waterproof portable canopy is designed specifically for use with Summit Style Ultralight Hammocks! (Hammocks Sold Separately)Enjoy your hammock without exposing yourself to the elements thanks to the Summit Style Multi-Purpose Waterproof Portable Canopy. This Multi-Purpose Waterproof Portable Canopy...Read More

In worst-case scenario, if it rains, you’re going to have to use an overhead tarp. That counts towards an add-on accessory with a cumulative expenditure of $200 or less, but it’s well worth it.

ENO Roadie Hammock Stand Specs

  • Weight: 56lbs
  • Made of: powder coated steel
  • Dimensions: (LxWxH) 1’5″ x 1’5″ x 4’3″
  • Packed Dimensions: (LxWxH) 30″ x 18″ x 11″
  • Minimum Vehicle Weight: 2,500 lbs
  • Minimum Wheel Base: 7’10”

So, there you have it. We handpicked one of the best jeep roof top tent and an alternative product for you to get started with. Don’t forget to bookmark this post for future reference because there are a lot of additional rooftop tent alternatives and products that we’d like to append in this list.

Have fun out there and stay safe!

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